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Home's Efficiency with the Genius™ Line of Solar Solutions.

Modular, Scalable Solar Battery Solutions Starting at


*includes GST, excludes installation

Don't Just Save, Earn.

Earn feed-in tariffs while you save on energy bills.

The Genius series of solar batteries allow you to store and use energy at the most efficient times of the day, which saves you money on energy bills and allows you to earn feed-in tariffs on the surplus energy produced by your PV system.*

The Best Way To Store Energy.

Ever worry about blackouts or grid failures?

Worry no more. The Genius series of solar batteries utilise smart energy saving and consumption modes paired with the SOLARMAN smartphone app so you can keep track of your energy wherever you go. In event of a blackout or grid failure, you can rest assured that your home is covered by your Genius.

The Environment Will
Thank You.

Maximize your efficiency today.

At AVOL, we want the most efficient PV systems providing energy for homes across Australia. Whether you’re already using solar or thinking of installing a new system, take the first step in joining the revolution by choosing a Genius solar battery system. The technology used within Genius will utilise your solar generation in the most efficient manner possible, saving you money, and the environment.

*visit energy.gov.au to read the Australian Government’s estimate on payback times

More About Genius

Quick info

5.1kWh LFP Battery

Genius 5.1kWh LFP battery packs are modular and designed to store and provide energy during both day and night when used with a PV system. Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4 / LFP) used in the Genius Battery pack features longer life span, zero maintenance, ultra-safe, lightweight, improved charge and discharge efficiency.

  • Modular, robust design delivers excellent levels of safety and performance
  • Battery cells produced by the world’s industry leading partner – CATL
  • Up to 4 modules in a single PV system, 20kWh of energy storage
  • Ten thousand cycles at 90% depth of discharge
  • IP65 weather rated, 5 year warranty

5kW Hybrid Inverter

The Genius single phase 5kW Hybrid Inverter offers flexibility and simplicity in solar-powered system and battery storage installations. The hybrid inverter sends DC electricity generated by solar system directly back to the battery, without additional power conversion or equipment, and has a range of features enable full control over energy management.

  • Built-in customised energy management modes (on-grid / off-grid)
  • Connects solar energy to household & feeds back into grid
  • Power output: 5000W
  • High maximum efficiency: 97.6%
  • Dual MPPT’s for higher energy harvest
  • Remote access – mobile app available


Find the Genius solar battery model right for your home today and take the step towards benefitting from efficient, clean, renewable energy.

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