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Find the benefits of storing clean, renewable energy with the AVOL Genius series, and discover our wide range of electrical products.

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Solar Solutions

Solar panels, batteries and inverters made to enhance energy efficiency of any system.

Electrical Solutions

Electrical conduit, switches, accessories and more to provide installs with the necessities.

Lighting Solutions

Industrial lights for warehouse, factory, or commercial settings providing efficient LED lighting.

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Our solutions

The products we provide at AVOL


Hybrid energy Storage

Efficient & sufficient

Harness the power of the sun, and maximise profit from producing clean, renewable energy with AVOL Genius Series solar and battery storage solutions. Power your home, earn feed-in tariff and cut your power bill, all while you gain your energy independence and save money by switching to a solar + battery system.

Intelligent & effective

Store the excess solar power that is generated throughout the day to then use at night when on-grid power costs are higher. Easily monitor what you are producing, storing & using with the “SOLARMAN Smart” app for both iPhone and Android.

Why AVOL Genius?

Our solutions aim to reduce energy consumption, pollution and minimise harm to the environment, whilst being price-conscious so that solutions are more accessible for Australian households.

The latest generation of solar energy storage solutions from AVOL can deliver scalable energy storage capacities of up to 20kWh for residential homes and buildings. The solution can be set-up as a new PV system with solar battery storage, or retro-fit into an existing PV system.

  • 5kW Hybrid Inverter with LFP Battery, and 430W flexible solar panels
  • Expand up to 20kWh battery storage
  • Built-in customisable energy management
  • Mobile app – access anytime, anywhere
  • Peak load shifting, battery priority
  • New or retro-fit an existing PV system
  • Easy set-up and install
  • IP65 weather rated
  • 5 year product warranty

We Have Systems For:

Existing Solar

Our Genius series of solar batteries are the perfect upgrade for your current PV system. Add more energy storage for your home, replace old batteries, or simply upgrade to the more efficient, sustainable and smart option with Genius.

New Installs

Planning on installing a new PV system? The Genius series solar batteries and solar panels are the perfect option to consider for your home. Install from 5kWh up to 20kWh solar batteries and either 3kW or 6kW solar panels.

More About AVOL Genius

Dive deeper into our solar battery options and full kit with solar panels, and see the smart technology behind our efficient systems. More questions? Please contact us to reach out and enquire further.

range of electrical products

Electrical &

industrial products

Everything you need

AVOL provides a wide range of electrical supplies covering a multitude of industries and applications. At AVOL, we believe in quality products made to last, and our electrical range fits that description, whether its industrial LED lighting to electrical conduit and everything in between.

Value & affordability

We provide benefits and incentives for our trade partners, including discounts on bulk purchases and trade partner special pricing. When you choose AVOL, you can be assured what you’re getting is benefitting not only you, but your customer as well.

We Have Solutions For:


Our ranges of industrial electrical conduit, lighting, switches, plugs and more provides all that is needed for a complete install.


Our ranges of LED lighting, electrical conduit, switches, plugs and backup power will provide any site with all the  necessities for a successful system.


Provide your or your customers’ home with all the necessary electrical accessories, switches, power points and other supplies to get the job done.

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We would love to build a long-lasting platform with you and your team. Consider a partnership with AVOL™ and Cornick® today, and visit our partnership page to learn more about this opportunity!

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